Campus Ambassador

Learn to become Leader!

Work with people who have global exposure and have always lead from the front. They can guide you, mentor you to be a future leader. They will help you accomplish your dream of becoming a leader .Learn superb sales, marketing ,management sales while being part of the team and get good exposure about a wonderful country Canada which can be your future home as well.


This is a golden opportunity for you to be part of a Canadian Immigration firm. You will have a chance to learn about the immigration streams and processes. You work as per your schedule and contribute to the goals or company. We will train you , guide you at each step and always an email or call away.


You need to ethically promote the company as per the responsibilities assigned to you whatever it be. You will be a brand ambassador for the company.

Incentive and Rewards

  • Certificate of Recommendation
  • Experience Letter
  • Stipend
  • Added Incentive for Excellent performers
  • Opportunity to get hired.

Become a Campus Ambassador

Verified Leads, wider candidate Reach, Quick Accessibility to Quality Talent, Optimize Application
Portfolio Management Cost.