How to study in Canada?

Canadian colleges offer one of the best study programs for any type of educational needs and also has one of the best research facilities in the world. It is home to 21 of the world’s top 500 universities and also hosts about 572,415 study permit holders as of 2018.
If you are looking to study abroad, Canada for every reason should top your list of preferences.
The following are the step by step procedures for pursuing your education in Canada.

Step1: Understanding the requirements for your acceptance
You must be well versed with the requirements that each university expects from you, be it your past school records, your English proficiency test result or any other important documentation, it is essential that you have it all.
Also, you must know about all the required documentation for your study permit application. It may vary from province to province, that is why your preparations for your application must start at least a year in advance to avoid any complications.

Step2: Choosing the right course and Institution
It goes without saying that you must be completely knowledgeable about the institution that you are going to study in. To avoid any kind of regret in the future you must be well researched in the choice of your institution in Canada, the same goes for your courses.

Step3: Taking the Language proficiency Test
In order to successfully gain entry into Canada every international student must give the proficiency test in either English or French.
For English the most preferred exam is the IELTS, some universities also accept TOEFL.
For french one may take DALF, DELF, or TCF, although the TEF exam is the most preferred option.

Step 4: Apply to universities
You have all the required information and documentation that will help you get into Canada now its time to apply to your favorite institutions in Canada.
Be smart about your choices and provide all the information that is required with all the documentation. Make sure to have some universities as your back up
Finally, it is all about the excruciating wait until you receive your acceptance letter. The acceptance letter will play an important role in your study permit application process.

Step 5: Apply for a study permit
Now that you have an institution that is ready to admit you the next step is to apply for a Canada study permit. You may apply for the permit online or visit your local visa application center. Make sure to have your acceptance letter, your passport and also enough documentation to show that you have adequate finances to fund your education in Canada.

Step 6: Traveling to Canada
Now that you have submitted the study permit application and the immigration officer has conducted an interview(if required) he/she will now decide upon your application. If accepted, it is time to start planning and making arrangements to fly to Canada.
Your permit comes along with a start date and an end date, note that you will not be allowed entry into Canada before the start date so make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Step5: Final evaluation and studying in Canada
Your documentation and your permit will be verified by an officer at the port before allowing you entry to Canada this will be your final step.
Now all that remains is to study in Canada.

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