What to do after a Canada visa rejection?

Being refused a visa can be a very frustrating affair, it can potentially ruin travel plans, work plans, and even new living arrangements. But do not worry follow these steps if you face a refusal to better your chance at getting a Visa.

STEP1: Do not panic

The most important step is to realize that it is not the end of everything it is not the ultimate decision and it might very well be reversed.

STEP2: Order your GCMS notes 

The next step is to analyze how or why your immigration officer rejected your visa application. The GCMS notes are the only certain way of providing a detailed record of an applicant’s file, including comprehensive notes on the progress of your application, your case history from the day you have applied for your visa which also includes officers’ analysis, reasoning and notes of your file at every stage. 

The GCMS notes will help you understand how the officer has been looking at your application what he/she understood or misunderstood from your visa application.

STEP 3: Get in touch with a certified immigration expert.

The next step is to get an expert involved. Let him/her analyze your GCMS notes and design the next visa application. His/her expertise will help you figure out the cracks in your last application and help you fill them in your next application


ICCRC’s federal mandate stems from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act which require anyone providing Canadian immigration or citizenship advice or representation for a fee or other consideration to be a member in good standing of ICCRC.

Make sure that your immigration consultant is ICCRC certified.

Finally, resubmit your Visa application and hope for the best outcome.

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