Why Choose Canada to Study Abroad?

A good college not only grooms you to become a better individual but also prepares you to fight the biggest challenge called “Life”.  Learning or studying in your home country may or may not help you become an all-rounder but study abroad will definitely spark out a new personality of yours. The education system in Canada has been attracting an international crowd for long and continues to do so due to its exceptional academics, friendly environment and easy immigration protocols.

Another reason is that the Canadian education system is open to students of all age groups whether you want to go for a post-graduation, doctorate or high school.  The Canadian study abroad program offers great academic courses in the best schools/ universities in the world. Have a look at some other reasons so as to know why to choose Canada as your study abroad destination:

1.   Scholarship and Education

Canada offers world-class education through degree courses which are globally recognized. The degrees or certifications hold equal value as that obtained from Australia, US, Poland or other European countries.  The Canadian government is very friendly to international students and the same is clearly evident as all the degree courses are offered at an affordable rate as compared to other top Universities of the world.  Apart from reasonable fees, the Universities also offer scholarship opportunities to international students which further reduce the fee structure.

2. Overall Development

If you want to study healthcare, engineering and IT, then there is no place better than Canada. The Canadian universities are increasingly becoming the hub for specializations in the field of digital technology.  Apart from this, the professors and educators are well acquainted with subjects such as telecommunications and transportation. The teachers continuously support, guide, mentor and motivate the students to perform exceptionally well in their academics. Also, every university lays equal stress on the overall development of the student and offers various outdoor activities, access to art galleries and concert halls, modern sports facilities, etc.  Each and every possible effort is made to offer world-class facilities as well as incredible academic experience in an affordable budget.

3. Friendly Society

The Canadians are open-minded people and welcome international students with great respect and dignity. They are warm and friendly people, always ready to embrace cultural diversity. Canada has been ranked as the safest country in the world for international students.  Canada is the best place to live and work as it is indeed the best place for high standard living and quality of life.

4. On-Campus Life

Every university holds a number of events apart from academics all around the year. The cultural events organized in these universities help people from different cultures (international students) to mingle with each other and enjoy a relaxing workout not only to the body but to mind as well. All the universities offer free wi-fi connectivity across the campus, magazines, daily newspapers, journals, etc so that the students stay updated to all the international events happening across every corner of the world.

5. Employment Opportunities

All the Canadian universities permit the students to take part-time jobs which will help them to manage their expenses both off and on campus. The best part is that there is no so-called ‘work permit’ and the students can work up to 20 hours per week. Considering employment, there are diverse job options for the students. The talented students are easily placed in top companies with excellent salary structure.

6. Global Top Rated Schools in Canada

The universities and schools in Canada hold a good reputation both in terms of academic excellence and higher employability rate. In fact, many of the Canadian schools are ranked higher in global rankings by THE as compared to the universities of the US and Europe. Some top rated schools are:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • Concordia University
  • McGill University

If you wish to get a world-class education with a great career, then choose Canada as your study destination. Assist Immigration is actively involved in connecting people with their dream careers and livelihood. For more information on immigration, study options, top courses, etc visit us today.

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